From the recording GEOGRAPHY SONGS

Click here to order online with a credit card or call (800)365-7464How to use Geography Songs1. Play the CD or mp3 as background music in the car/during playtime /while doing chores/before bedtime. Singing anything before sleeping causes the brain to repeat it while you are asleep.2. Point to the map which comes with the song. The countries are numbered in the same order that they are sung. Sing it a few times until you are familiar with it.3. Label the map by printing the name of the country next to the number. The pages are reproducible for this purpose. You may also use a clear dry-erase cover page and a fine-line dry-erase marker. Repeat this process until you can do it from memory.4. Cover the answers on the map in the book. Point to the numbers and say the names of the countries in the same order that they appear on the list and in the song. If you can't say them without looking at the list, look at the list and sing the song again. Then repeat the process until you can name all the countries by number without hesitation. 5. Take the fill-in-the-blanks quiz for the song which is in the back of the book.6. Cover the large map with the dry-erase clear envelope. Label the 25"x36" map with a fine-line dry-erase marker. Print as many names of countries as you can remember. When you are finished, refer to the book to check your answers. Erase the map and do it again until it is easy for you. 

Geography Songs CD Kit - $22.95
book($6.95), map($3.00), CD($12.95)may be purchased separately

Click here to order online with a credit card or call (800)365-7464


Click here to order online with a credit card or call (800)365-7464
25"x36" World Map to label and color with lyrics of all 33 songs
Sample pages from Geography Songs book