One of my girls came home from a college class at Montana State University a few years back. She thanked me for taking them through your material and said that it had helped her immensely on her geography exam. She felt sort of funny singing the songs to herself in college, until I told her that every now and then I still review my Old Testament books song as I'm finding a particular book of the Bible. Nothing like a good song to solidify our knowledge base! Thanks for providing so many! - Joni Balian (3/20/13)

We already purchased the Geography Songs mp3 and absolutely love it!  My 2 1/2 year old can sing most of the songs in their entirety!  I am planning on purchasing more in the very near future.  Thank you for creating such quality products!- Katherine Brooks (3/13)

My grandson used many of your tapes. He is autistic and was able to learn so much through the rhythm and songs. Now he is a senior in high school and he gets good grades. We are proud of his accomplishments. Mrs. Otto


I was princial at a K-12 private school for 15 years. We used your world geography program in all grades. It was one of the best teaching tools we ever had! Thanks! Now I am teaching middle school students in China and will again use your program! — Joan Campbell (2/27/11)

Awesome! Just downloaded it off iTunes, just as I remembered. I haven't heard this song since like 87' when I was in the 4th grade and I remember my teacher Miss Miller playing the Grammar Songs for us and it was an extremely helpful learning tool. But I would have to beg her to play the Verb song 2 after every class because I just loved the music. From the funky bass intro to the smooth guitar solo on the fade out, it reminded me of a Michael Jackson tune. Anyways, needless to say I grew up to become a professional touring/studio musician. Thanks so much...even for nostalgic sake this stuff is great! Take Care — Mike B. — 5/30/10

I've been using an older version of this program for years. The kids love the songs. They love competing on the maps by pointing to each country as they sing along. Also, they really never forget what they have learned, because the tunes are so fun and catchy and appropriate to the geographic region (with Russian style music for the former USSR, Chinese-style music for the Orient and so on). All kinds of games can be played on the maps once they know the songs. Even my kindergartner can point to Angola on the Africa map, or to Botswana! - Mrs. G

What a great resource for kids (and adults!) who are learning geography! Sadly, I made it through my schooling without ever REALLY learning this info, but if I had this as a resource I would have certainly been better at geography. The songs can be a bit cheesy-sounding but they do the trick! On a few songs, they don't follow the map sequentially (side-by-side, that is) and the hopping around can be misleading if you don't have a map in front of you. But, other than that, no issues.

My 5 y/o loves music and has some of these down better than my 7 y/o. Though, when I consider how my 7 y/o bristles at the thought of singing at a church pageant, I am left with a big smile on my face when I hear him singing these songs to himself when he is alone.

Well worth the money! - JWP

I seldom find a product and think that this is a must-buy for every homeschool, but this is one. We have all learnt so much about geography from this cd. The songs are well written and very catchy, and obviously easy to remember. We have had such fun finding the various countries on the map. My older child enjoyed the book and the map. He will listen with the map spread out and the book open. We have even used the cd in the car ofr travel entertainment. The songs have helped me locate places, as I just recall the song in my head and then find it. Excellent value, thank you. - Lindy Greaves, South Africa

For me, this is one of those "Oh I've heard about that, I should have a look at some time" item, but wish I had got so much sooner! My boys (now 8 & 10yrs) absolutely love singing along to the catchy tunes and we find ourselves all singing the songs when it's not even going. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who loves music anyway and wants to learn geography at the same time. You will not regret it! - Piggy, New Zealand

I borrowed this CD from a friend and was sad to give it back, so I am ordering one of my own! The lyrics are catchy and the music is styled to be from each region of the world. I, the Mom, sing these songs all the time! Now I just need to know where all the countries are on the map! Wish geography had been this fun when I was in school. :) - Lisa, Alabama

Grammar Songs - My kids love this! The songs stick in their heads. I find myself singing them too ;) I would recommend buying the student workbook for each child. I thought we would only use it for the songs, but found the workbook to be very helpful and had to order a few more so each child could do the exercises. - Homeschooling 6

I traveled for Nat'l Writing Institute and became familiar w/ your products. I've sold hundreds of your Grammar Songs kits in my presentations, particularly re: the Greek and Latin root song. I also used Grammar Songs when I taught school - it's tearless grammar! Smile. Don't we need THAT! Anyway, after ten years, my cassette died and I need the CD. 
Cathy C. - Carnesville, GA — 7/8/2003

History Songs - This was excellent for memorizing the dates and names to go with the story of history. Ages 7 to 12 have used this successfully in my home. The music has different styles of accompaniment to match the culture and time period, and it is written in singable keys (although sometimes very low for children.)Definitely recommended for adding a bit of fun and memory aids to your history lesson. - Keta

Multiplication Songs - Catchy, simple rhythm. My son is having trouble memorizing the multiplication facts in a more traditional way such as with flashcards, etc. He has a very easy time memorizing lyrics to songs. I think this is proving to be a good method for him. - Pamela Schnettler

It will help children memorize their time tables with no problem at all. My grandaughter loves it! - Mrs. Silvia A. Gutierrez

This CD is a fun, painless way to memorize without actually sitting down to drill and drill. It is fun for the child, and a pleasure for the parent/teacher.- Linda Rabstejnek

Music is an excellent way to memorize anything...and this cd is a great tool. The multiplication facts are well ennunciated, with a simple, but catchy tune. I've heard other music memorization tapes, and this one is better because of the way it's presented. Nothing glitzy or glamorous here, just simple catchy melodies!!           - Lou Roberts

States and Capitals - I find it completely corny, but catchy. My kids love it! Even my 4 year old asks for it when it is her turn to pick the music. And I loved it when my 2 year old sang "Boston Massachusetts" in his 2 yr old way over and over. He is even listening. My 8 year old randomly has come up to me to tell me capitals of states. She's proud and having fun, a great buy. - Melissa Jones

I used this cd with my oldest daughter, and we LOVE this cd. The tunes are fun to listen too. You can't help but learn with this cd whether you want to or not. You will find yourself repeating it also...over and over. My twins love it and used it to pass their test at school. Even now that testing is over, we find ourselves singing the songs. - Ginger McBride

My children (age 8, 6, 3 1/2, 1) love singing these songs. It is a wonderful, catchy way for them to learn these facts. Some adults might find the songs a bit annoying but the children love them. The product comes with a big map to color and label. Singing the songs and looking at the map give the children a picture of the country and the geography. If your children like to sing this a fun way to teach them and will stick with them. 20 years ago I learned all the states in a song and I still remember the song and so I imagine my children will remember their states and capitals. - Stacy Clayton

Wonderful way to learn our states and capitals! We've been singing them everywhere we go and the kids really enjoy singing and dancing while learning. After we learn the song, the kids get their crayons out and color in the states they know. This was a great buy! - Tammy Braaten

A student of mine last year had used the tape to memorize the states and capitals. She brought it in to our class and we used it. It was PERFECT. My students last year now know their states and capitals. So I wanted to buy it so my new students for this year can know them too. THANKS
Elizabeth Timmons — 4/1/03

Geography Songs - A couple of months ago, we were in a fast food restaurant in an Atlanta suburb when I let Sprite climb around in the indoor play area. A man with two small boys came in and watched them play. From his accent, I guessed he was not a native born American but an immigrant.

I tried to strike up a conversation with him about his sons. Then I asked him where he was from. His answer-- “Ethiopia.” He had a weary tone of voice as he added, “It’s in Africa.” I know all too well the irritation of explaining yourself over and over as a foreigner in a foreign land. (At least everyone knows where and what America is!) This man had obviously run into quite a few Georgians who had no idea where Ethiopia was.

To reassure him, I added, “Yes, I know. It’s on the Horn of Africa, south of the Red Sea. It’s by Somalia, Eritrea, and Djibouti.” His mouth dropped open with surprise. “Have you been there!?” he asked, in amazement. “Oh, no, I haven’t,” I replied.

There was a pause. Then, I just couldn’t resist asking the next question, “Are you from Addis Ababa?” The poor man almost fainted. “Yes, I am, in fact.”

“Yeah,” I said, “I thought so since it’s the most heavily populated city in that area.”

His surprise turned into a big grin. He’d finally encountered someone who knew at least a tiny bit about his corner of the world.

Bless his heart, he had no idea that all this knowledge was thanks to Geography Songs. I already knew that Ethiopia was in Africa, but everything I told that man was learned from the "Horn of Africa" song on the CD. -  Happy DAD

Greetings. Well, we finally pulled it off and it was awesome! The parents loved seeing their children sing your Geography songs. My principal was ecstatic and said that if we all did things like this, her problems would be solved. Our media specialist videotaped it. Two of the girls sang the Australia song. It was so precious. Then three of the girls and 3 of the boys did a special presentation that they designed themselves to go along with the Mexico song. This is undoubtedly their favorite song, not surprising since 1/3 of my class is from Mexico. All of the class sang the Continents and Oceans song.

I hope we can figure out a way to get your songs into the hands of more public school teachers. I bought 3 extra tapes and gave them to colleagues that I hope will catch the fire and use them in their classrooms and tell others about them as well.

Hope you have a great day and whatever else you do in the future with music, please keep me informed about it.
Your friend, Patti Pike

We’ve enjoyed these songs. Often, the songs are ethnically appropriate. The song about the Middle East reminds me in its style of the music I remember hearing associated with Jews for Jesus, for example. The tunes are catchy, and we’ll get them going through our minds and want to listen to the CD because of that. K, who has a thing for music, often dances while listening, and has even been known to call out, “’gain!” when the song ends! The great thing about it is that J is learning, but he doesn’t even seem to recognize that he is! He’s having fun while doing it. 
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